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Panza v. Healthcare Services

What is the case about?
On June 26, 2017, we filed this collective action on behalf of the account managers ("Plaintiffs") of Healthcare Services ("Defendant").

Plaintiffs alleged that Defendant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay them overtime compensation.

Plaintiffs believe that they are entitled to recover from Defendant unpaid overtime compensation, liquidated damages, attorneys' fees and costs.

Am I part of the class?
Plaintiffs seek to sue on behalf of all of Defendant's account managers within the last three years.

How do I get involved?
You may participate in this action by contacting The Lazzaro Law Firm, LLC.

What about retaliation?
The law prohibits Defendant, or any of its agents or employees, to discharge, or in any manner harass, discriminate or retaliate against you for taking part in this action.

Do I have to pay anything?
You do not have to pay anything to our firm if you join the action. We are handling this case on a contingency basis. This means we will only be paid if the action is successful in obtaining a recovery Plaintiffs, and that payment will only come out of that recovery.

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