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The Lazzaro Law Firm, LLC
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614 W. Superior Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
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Lazzaro Law Firm


The Lazzaro Law Firm, LLC is an employment law firm that advocates for the rights and wages of employees. If you believe your rights have been violated by your employer, contact us for a free consultation. Call us at 216-696-5000 or fill out our Free Case Review Form and we will contact you right away.

We represent employees with all types of employment law claims, including unpaid overtime compensation, minimum wage, wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims.

We are a leader in the representation of employees in collective, class, hybrid and individual wage and hour actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which is the nation's law governing wages and hours of work.

We handle cases as large as nationwide collective actions with thousands of class members who were denied overtime compensation, to cases as small as an individual employee who was denied a single pay check.

We have collected millions of dollars for thousands of employees from over 40 states who were denied overtime compensation, subjected to minimum wage violations, or not paid for all of the hours they worked.

We also provide personal service and superior representation to individual employees who have been wrongfully terminated, harassed or discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, pregnancy, disability, age, and religion.

Whether in a large collective action or an individual case, the firm is dedicated to serving clients in a meaningful way, achieving civil justice, and obtaining just and adequate compensation for those whose rights have been violated.